PatagoniaThis trip is one not to miss: Design your trip details at your convenience between November and March during the summer season in the austral. Fly to Punta Arenas from Santiago. Enjoy this southern port on the Magellan straits where penguins and pelicans dive and dart on the piers. Transfer across the barren landscape to the dramatic Torres del Paine. Stay in simple covered geodesic domes at Ecocamp or beautiful uts on the southern lake outside the national park. Consider hiking the infamous “Big W” trek for 7 days. Or take the day tours to fascinating waterfalls, along unique trails in this remote part of the world.  If you have more time, make your way north to Patagonia Park established by Kris and Doug Tomkins and now run by the park system of Chile on land locked Lake Cochrane.

Travel across the expansive landscape of guanacos and rheas to find glacial moraines across the Argentine border. Wear cramp ons to trek – with a guide – across the ice fields. Or choose to admire the ice field landscapes from the stairways built for viewing. Keep in touch if this tour might be for you!

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