Travel Note – Ecuador was amazing!

One of the reasons to travel is to discover new people! It was our third or fourth visit to Sachaji retreat. But this time, we met the charming Maria Teresa Ponce. She is an architect, a photographer, and the owner of this unusual property that she and her father designed. In only a few short years, she has transformed the landscape. All invasive species are removed – like the abundant eucalyptus – and stunning flower and vegetable gardens are in development.

Her description of Ecuador is the best!

We will be returning here as a part of our Artist Tour scheduled for late May and then again in October. And we plan to include Maria Teresa as a part of the program.

Sachaji means “beloved mountain”. It is a good place – with wide views of the mighty and magnificent Imbabura mountain.

Let me know if you are interested!


20160121 mountain

Photo by Maria Teresa Ponce.

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