Bordeaux and the Arcachon – Day 2

MichaelGalarieBordeauxwine selection

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Bordeaux – Day 0

We arrive on the overnight flight with a connection they Paris to a beautiful cool day in Bordeaux. A walk to the river, a nap, a dinner at Scipitone Bistro outside our hotel in the car less centre city, and then a walk to the splendid  cathedral encountering monuments and sculpture of all eras along our way.

Dick and Barbara Moore arrive with Michael and I at 11:00 am; JD and Janie are only delayed a half hour checking in at 3:00. Tomorrow Charles Taft and Charlotte Hanes arrive by TGV at 11:09 if all goes well.

Then at 1:30 after a self guided tour to amuse Aquitaine, we start the tour!

Bordeaux, France Bordeaux, France Bordeaux, France Bordeaux, France Bordeaux, FranceBordeaux, France

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PatagoniaThis trip is one not to miss: we design the tour during the summer season of February in the austral. Fly to Punta Arenas from Santiago, Chile. Enjoy this southern port on the Magellan straits where penguins and pelicans dive and dart on the piers. Transfer across the barren landscape to the dramatic Torres del Paine. Stay in simple covered geodesic domes at Ecocamp or beautiful urts on the southern lake outside the national park. Hiking can be as rigorous as your want: the well trekked, infamous “Big W” trail is 7 days including an overnight in a refuge. Or ease up on the agenda with  day tours to fascinating sites: waterfalls, puma hideouts, condor cliffs and bird watching trails in this remote part of the world.  We make sure this tour to take the time to visit the newly established Patagonia Park. Thanks to a gift from Kris and Doug Tomkins to the Chilean government, thousands of hectares are newly protected. The  park system of Chile includes the enormous, land-locked Lake Cochrane.

Travel across the expansive landscape of guanacos and rheas to find glacial moraines across the Argentine border. Wear cramp ons to trek – with a guide – across the ice fields. Or choose to admire the ice field landscapes from the stairways built for viewing. Keep in touch if this tour might be for you!

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A Tour to the Dordogne Valley

Castles & Caves – SouthWest France

September 20 – 30, 2018  limited to 12 travelers

Village of Cirq de PopiVisit a variety of pre-historic caves to behold magnificent paintings, etchings and relief sculptures created 19 to 28,000 years ago. Visit the museum of Lascaux lV, and the actual caves of Font-de-Gaume; Rouffignac Les Combrelles and Peche Merle. We explore castles including Beynac and Castlenaud, where English and French kings battled across the banks of the river. Tour begins in Bordeaux and the Museum of Aquitaine; in Les Eyzies we see the amazing National PreHistoric Museum of France. Albi is home to the Toulouse Lautrec Museum. It all comes together in medieval bastides – fortified “new towns” built by nobles. We stop in the Saturday Sarlat market for foi gras and apricots and prunes..

From Toulouse, we take a day tour to visit Carcassonne!

Ask for an itinerary – Drafts available upon request.

Tickets to the caves in demand – so please sign up as soon as possible.
Activity – moderate. Price $5450 double occupancy

– the 4th place ranking after Venice!

Learn why D0rgd0gne was named among the best places in Europe!


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New View Fall and Winter Trips

Hello Friends and Travelers,

Greetings! I write awaiting an enormous thunder storm moving very quickly up from the
mid Atlantic states to cool us off here in New England; right on schedule for a respite from
the long sun baked days of summer. This is the season for celebration in these low rolling
Berkshire hills where festivals of music, theatre, and dance rotate through; performances
changing weekly. We stay on our toes to catch what we can!

At the same time, Michael and I are planning and booking New View Tours Fall and Winter trips: listed here on the website.

Refresh, Explore, Restore!

BordeauxIn September 2017, we go with a small group to the Dordogne Valley in Southwest France.
“Castles & Caves Tour” starts in Bordeaux exploring the restored World Heritage city between the ocean and two rivers, an historic, renowned trade center! The New View will be the Wine Museum housed in a contemporary glass walled building! We travel through the medieval city of St. Emillion to Les Eyzies and Beynac; admire early architecture of castles and churches in the midst wine vineyards dating from the 9th century. The tour features the cave painters, the artists of pre-history who drew and carved on walls of limestone deep underground. The New View will be the reproduction: Lascaux IV opened in late 2016. It is a digitized imaging of the original cave (that I saw when I was 11 years old). Then on to Toulouse and Albi and Carcasonne. We are grateful to Ophorus, our travel partners in the Perigord who are able to acquire the cherished tickets to enter these exceptional destinations. As the 2017 tour is full, and we have a good deal of interest, we
will offer Castles & Caves in September 2018.

Ready to Retreat & Relax?

Michael PulitzerTry a tour to our favorite retreat, My Sachaji in the Imbabura Valley in the High Sierras of Ecuador in October 2017 with emphasis on peace and relaxation: gentle restorative yoga, time for personal reflection, and time for exploration of markets and villages; always at your own pace. Meaning “Beloved Mountain” this wellness sanctuary is surrounded by Mother Earth and the Andean Mountains in Ecuador. The journey promises to leave you feeling rejuvenated, revitalized and refreshed.The region is undergoing fascinating cultural transformation as contemporary conveniences mesh with traditional ways of indigenous peoples. Enjoy a balance of both from the spectacular newly constructed SachaJi Retreat Center under Imbabura Mountain, overlooking San Pablo Lake.

Isle de Sol, Lake Titikaka, BoliviaReady to Explore?
Michael and I are going to travel to Bolivia in April 2018. Join us on a trip to this exceptionally beautiful land locked country, growing very fast, in the heart of the continent where two Andean ranges extend north/south with the distinctive altiplano between. Still under recognized as a travel destination, we plan to enjoy the South American country life style with stunning country side with haciendas and restored colonial buildings as our boutique hotels.

Details: We fly through Panama City to reach the international airport in the growing main city of Santa Cruz, about 7 hours from NYC. Stay overnight, take short blight to Sucre at mid-altitude, good for acclimation, the center of a rich weaving tradition, see ASUR museum as excellent introduction to the various regional sub-styles. Stay in pleasant boutique hotels. There is enough to do to spend three nights here including a city tour one day, then a nice hike in the countryside on the second day… It’s a three hour drive up to Potosi where we plan for cold nights at 4,090 m. Main must-see attractions are the Royal Mint, and the stunning churches here. Going down a silver mine is an acquired taste, and carries some risk; we budget half a day for this optional activity. Considering the historical importance of the city, we spend two nights. Then it’s on to Uyuni on a paved highway for three nights: we have a day out on the salt flats to visit Isla Pescado; a day in the northern end of the lake where there are some farming hamlets and the Thunupa Volcano, offering some tempting (optional) hiking. The last leg will be a blight up to La Paz for two nights, the highest capitol city in the Americas, and then 2 nights on Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca to round out our two week adventure.

Dates: April 7 – 21, 2018 Cost: $3500 pp land.
International flights from NYC to Santa Cruz are $700 RT.

Add Ons: Are you The Intrepid Traveler? We can arrange it! Continue to Cuzco, Peru to explore the Sacred Valley and the Citadel.
Machu Picchu? Or another option is to visit the Colca Canyon in Peru and the arid white sands city of Arequipa en route to Lima for international flights home.
New Gift: I am delighted to share a truly delightful surprise from traveler, Carole Hyatt
who made this collage for us in appreciation for her trip to Hacienda Cusin and the Galapagos Islands last March, 2017.

Carole Hyatt Collage

New View for You? Be sure to stay in touch if you would like to chat about travel, our
favorite destinations. We will be delighted to offer travel planning assistance to you and
yours. We can help book reservations, or do that all by yourself!

Reading List Update: We’ve added Death in Dordogne, “a cut above pulp biction” but great fun summer reading! Authors: Louis Sanders & Adrianna Hunter. It gets 3 stars on Amazon!

New View News:
We have a new ad, with many thanks to Amanda at StudioTwo:

Fall and Winter Travel Ad

Best wishes,

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Winter 2018

Your choice.

Let us book a trip for you and your friends and or family.

Contact Ramelle.

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10 Reasons to Visit My Sachaji

My SachaJi is the natural choice for wellness. We’re nestled into the Ecuadorian Andes, a mountain range that possesses special qualities for both physical and spiritual healing: the altitude, the proximity to the equator and sun, and the connection to the natural world and Indigenous community are all unique to the eco-lodge.

Our wellness spa is a space to find balance, relaxation, energy and to re-learn how to breathe. Our range of experiences, from yoga and meditation to detoxing and relaxing massages are all against the stunning backdrop of volcanos and San Pablo Lake.

Here are 10 reasons why My SachaJi is the wellness retreat for you:

  1. We’re easy to reach! At My SachaJi you can get away from reality in just a four-hour flight from Miami, and then a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Quito airport. There are also regular flights to Quito from Los Angeles, New York, and Amsterdam and Madrid in Europe.
  2. The altitude supercharges your healing: at 2,960 metres above sea level you will improve your heart and circulation, boosting the number of young, red blood cells; enhance metabolism; ease pains; increase your quality of sleep and improve your outlook on life.

  3. The site itself has an almost supernatural energy, and from the moment you arrive at My SachaJi you will notice the incredible vibration. Pre-Columbians said that some higher power is present where a volcano and a lake meet, and Ecuadorians believe that Imbabura is the most powerful volcano of them all.
  4.  My SachaJi is on an incredible energy point: not only is it on the equatorial line, it’s one of the closest places to the sun on earth, harnessing the four elements to promote equilibrium. What’s more, some say that the core of the Earth’s energies resides here in the Ecuadorian Andes, having moved from the Himalayas with the Age of Aquarius.

  5. At My SachaJi, we call on the wisdom and healing powers of the local Indigenous community and Pachamama, Mother Earth of the Andean world. Mama Rosa, an expert in traditional medicine and wellness from the nearby community of Angla who learned the ancient techniques from her grandmother, works to restore your balance with specially chosen herbs, plants, lotions and incense.
  6. We truly understand and care about your healing. Whatever you want to work on, we’d climb mountains to help you through it. We add extra touches: after your Let Go & Connect massage treatment, we sit with you in front of the incredible view with an individually chosen herbal tea to help you make sense of your experience.

  7. Our approach to wellness is complete and holistic. My SachaJi offers a wide range of wellness experiences: yoga within the eco lodge or on ancient sacred pyramids, hot tub with a view, massages and treatments for relaxation, de-stressing, energising and balancing and even walks accompanied by our rescue dogs.

  8. My SachaJi is a truly sustainable space in Ecuador and designed for balance. We use recycled materials in our constructions, renewable energy, and grow our own organic fruit and vegetables. As well as your own wellness, you’ll be caring for the world around you and helping to preserve it for generations to come.

  9. The Indian market town of Otavalo, lakes, pyramids, volcanos and historic haciendas are on our doorstep. My SachaJi is the ideal springboard for adventure: trekking, horse-back riding, mountain-biking and water sports are in abundance around the lakes and volcanos of the Imbabura region.
  10. Explore incredible Ecuador before or after relaxing in My SachaJi: the Galápagos Islands, colonial Quito, and the stunning wildlife of the Amazon rainforest are within easy reach.

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Custom Designed Travel Itineraries

For non-profit organizations, families and friends.

2017/2018 Tours Forming Now! Tours designed with your  interests in mind:
art, hiking, history, wine tasting, yoga, photography, just friends!

Our Favorites: South America & Southwest France
Check out our calendar!

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A Tour to Southwest France

September 20 – 30, 2018

castles of Southwest FranceNew View Tours is pleased to offer a 11 night/12-day exploration of the Castles and
Caves in the Perigord region in southwest France.

This trip will be an exploration of the earliest artists and architecture in south west
France. Plans are in place to visit a variety of pre-historic caves with magnificent
paintings, etchings and relief sculptures created 19 – 28,000 years ago. The
newest cave is a re-creation – Lascaux lV opened December 2016. We have tickets
to the original, exclusive Font-de-Gaume; Rouffignac, Cap Blanc and Peche
Merle. We explore castles of Beynac and Castlenaud, where English and French
kings battled across the banks of the Dordogne River. Our first stop is Bordeaux,
we include the new Museum of Wine; in Les Eyzies we see the amazing National
PreHistoric Museum of France. Albi is home of the 13 century brick cathedral
and the Toulouse Lautrec Museum. It all comes together in medieval bastides –
fortified “new towns” built by nobles – for example Saint Emilion, Sarlat, Saint
Cirq Lapopie – each unique communes. We’ll wrap up our tour with travels across
the Lot valley to Carcassonne.

The itinerary is a draft and may be adapted to include other favorite destinations,
your individual choice and opportunities and circumstances as they crop up!

Contact Ramelle for a detailed itinerary.

Travel days: Tour starts in Bordeaux Wednesday September 20; wrap up tour in Toulouse on Saturday, September 30, 2017. Tour is designed for 6-10 travelers. We have room for two more.

Cost: $6,500 per person single | $5,450 per person double occupancy

Cave Art

Option: Caves of Spain – Oct 1-5  Add on 4 nights/5 days to visit prehistoric caves in Spain. see the Altamira Museum and cave reproduction; visit Bilbao to see the Guggenheim and the Museo des Bellas Artes with it’s exceptional collection of European and provincial
art. Drive 4 hours back to Bordeaux to connect to your international flight to US.

$700 per person double occupancy

To reserve your place, please complete the online Registration Form.

Be sure to check out the book “Stepping Stones” by Christine Desdesmaines Hugon

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High Sierra Tour – Ecuador

Dates: contact New View Tours for schedule.

Write, Sketch, Paint, Photograph, Yoga. From Hacienda CusinQuito, Ecuador, the adventure begins. Stay in comfort at the most beautifully restored 1602 Hacienda Cusin in San Pablo de Lago, near Otavalo, home of largest market in SA. Private tour of the hacienda gardens, Visit local craftsmen in their homes, learn about earlier explorers such as Frederic Church and Alexander von Humboldt who enjoyed these mountain views centuries ago. Another stop will be in to the luscious Intag Cloud forest to stay at a retreat. Choose to birdwatch, hike, and explore with naturalist English speaking local guides. Next visit the World Heritage capital city of Quito for two days of museums and walking tours. All activity levels welcome – Add On stays can be arranged: Galapagos Islands, Cuenca (southern Ecuador).

8 nights – Land $2400 per person single;$1990 shared occupancy.

For more information contact: Ramelle Pulitzer:


Day One – Friday

Fly to Quito
private transfer to 1602 restored Hacienda Cusin (1/4)

Day Two – Saturday

Visit the Otavalo Market place – largest in South America
Afternoon activities at the hacienda arranged to your interest
Evening at Cusin (2/4)
Rose plantation tour – next door

Day Three – Sunday

Hacienda Cusin 3/4
Morning property tour with Sr. Nik, owner and guiding light for all that is here.
Tour local communities of San Pablo and Agato – weavers, music makers, Peguche waterfalls
Lunch at Sachaji retreat – a contemporary green hotel up the valley from Cusin
Afternoon flight demonstration at the condor park

Day Four – Monday

Hacienda Cusin 4/4
Mojanda lakes are stunning – walks are flat or steep.
Lunch at Hacienda Pinsaqui – included.

Day Five – Tuesday

Transfer to Intag Cloud Forest
en route stop at Cotacachi, Cuicocha lake and rim of the volcano
Lunch at family run  El Mirador featuring delicious trout overlooking the crater lake.
Upon arrival, walk the grounds, identify tanagers, euphoria and other birds.
Home cooked Ecuadorean dinner with produce from the garden.
El Refugio de Intag 1/2

Day Six – Wednesday

El Refugio activities: Walk Intag cloud forest paths while bird watching, orientation to flora and fauna here with host Peter Joost
Tour coffee plantation on the property. All meals included at El Refugio
El Refugio de Intag 2/2

Day Seven – Thursday

Drive to Quito today to include several stops diverse country including  a must-do Stop in the equatorial line – Quitsato; a walk along the 7th century grass cover pyramids of Cochasqui,
Option: tourist attraction – Mitad del Mundo the equator.
Night in Quito. Walk through La Ronda, a section of bars and shops alive with music every night.
Quito 1/3

Day Eight – Friday

Morning or full day tour of colonial city
Include museums, stunning churches and Presidential Palace: Guayasamin Museum and Home, Quito City Museum, Casa de Cultura (under remodel)
Dinner at the elegant
Hotel Hacienda Patio Andaluz or equivalent  1/2

Day Nine – Saturday

Full day Tour of the city, a world heritage site.
Hacienda Patio Andaluz (2/2)

Day  Ten – Sunday

Transfer to airport for Flights to USA
Enjoy Ecuador for Extra Days

Or add on a cruise to the Galapagos Islands

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March 2017 – Spring Message

South American Art

Dear Friends & Travelers,

Mountain ScapeWhat a busy winter! New View Tours designed trips for:  a multi-generational family, a women’s college academic custom tour, an art museum trip to San Francisco, and a tour for friends and neighbors to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands!

Putting a travel project together is a privilege; each one with its own challenges and opportunities, always with the goal to create an itinerary that becomes the strategy to explore and discover a new view! The plan for a trip is its own once-in-a-life-time experience. And such a plan begins with you: with your energy and expectations that evolve into the actual lifetime of your tour.

I enjoy the aspects of working with you on the details: looking into places to stay, people to visit and things to do, preparing for the chance to see another part of the world. If you are curious about heading out on a journey, I am happy to offer a trip a planning session to you or your friends by meeting with you – either by phone or by Skype/Facetime or – gasp – in person! to the places where we have experience. I can help you plan a tour for a group, an organization or for your family. When it comes to travels, I am glad to formulate suggestions FOR you and most importantly strategize WITBird WatchingH you. Destinations that we have traveled and are confident to share with you include: Ecuador and France – and we are knowledgeable about Galapagos Islands, Peru & Machu Picchu, Patagonia, Chile, parts of Argentina, and Northern Spain. For other destinations, we are glad to offer a referral to other associates who lead custom tours.

New View Next Tours:

Condor in FlightA brief overview of the next tours is on the website. Please request a detailed itinerary if you are interested.

Castles and Caves, a tour to Southwest France
September 20 – 30, 2017.
Our third trip, we visit the newly opened repro of Lascaux IV and the actual cave accessible by tram, Rouffinac. Castles dot the landscape of the Dordogne valley! Here’s the overview:

Peaceful Gardens & Trails: The High Sierras of Ecuador
Refresh and Renew – a tour to the Andes mountains on the equator.
October 19 – 29, 2017

Early March 2018
Peru & Bolivia
Arequipa and the Colca Canyon in Peru with an extension tour to Sucre & La Paz, Bolivia!
(Tour In development phase – please stay in touch if you are interested)

Late September 2018
Castles & Caves Redux!
Let’s return to explore the ancient art and architecture of France!

From my desk to yoursThat’s it for now. Looks like winter out there from my desk here in the Berkshires! I hope that you are already enjoying the season, where ever you might be right now!

Michael and I look forward to staying in touch!
Sending very best wishes!

Ramelle Pulitzer | | 336-416-2390


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In Development

Early March 2018

Arequipa and the Colca Canyon in Peru with an extension tour to Sucre & La Paz, Bolivia!

Activity level: moderate

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Peaceful Gardens & Trails – a trip to Ecuador

A 10 day trip

Refresh and Renew with Yoga included to the High Sierra mountains on the equator
Three destinations on this tour will offer beautiful decor, excellent service, delicious food from local gardens in the most bio diverse country in the world. Stay in the restored colonial Hacienda Cusin; explore the unique environment of the cloud forest of Intag, then to the bustle of the city of Quito, a World Heritage city since 1978 featuring monuments, museums, stunning churches and cultural energy of this thriving capital metropolis. We return to the edge of the mountain to stay at SachaJi, a wellness resort.

There is a balance of touring as a group and time for personal exploration. We will visit the rim of a volcano that is the site where shaman practice took place, the condor park, the leather village of Cotacachi & the weaver’s studio with back strap loom, the musician’s home and the wood carver’s workshop. The Saturday Otavalo Market includes the renowned Plaza de Ponchos and a modern new section for food & flowers & dining!

Yoga is included – practice with Michael a gentle restorative class for all abilities.

Land Cost: estimated price: $1950 pp $2500 single.
Full Price: $2400pp +400 single supplement.

We suggest a tour to the Galapagos Islands for 4 nights or 7 nights.

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Travel & Yoga!

This October, 2017, join us on a gentle exploration of a beautiful Ecuador taking time to reflect, review and renew the spirit with yoga practice designed around the daily activities. We stay at a new retreat center, a “healing hotel” called Sachaji which means “beloved mountain”. Our days are active, our time in Ecuador will awake our sensibilities to other cultures, allow us ways to reflect upon our own; we travel to El Refugio de Intag in the cloud forest, and we return to the unique 1602 Hacienda Cusin.


Questions? Just give us a call or text or email – see the Contact Us button above!

Michael or Ramelle

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Castles & Caves

September 20 – 30, 2017 – limited to 8

Castles & Caves in the Dordogne region of Southwest France.

This 10 day tour is in three parts: We travel the south western regions of France: starting on the coast and the city of Bordeaux, a World Heritage site since 2001. Here see the City & the museum of Contemporary Art, and the tasty Wine Museum and take a short city tour thru the 18th century world heritage site.

The city is completely renovated, clean with electric trams.

Then it is on to the countryside of the Dordogne valley occupied for thousands of years by man and Neanderthal cousins. Visit pre-historic caves that hide magnificent paintings, etchings and relief sculptures.

Visit the new Lascaux lV, a recreation of the original; explore Rouffignac and Peche Merle AND and the exclusive Font du Gaume grotto – (we have secured tickets – now sold out!).

The Museum of Aquitaine is built into the limestone walls of the valley where our guide will explain the mysteries of archeology. We explore medieval bastides – fortified “new towns” built by nobles; they are tall, enormous castles such as Beynac and Castlenaud with carefully documented recreations of English and French life in the 14th century will bring alive the stories of the past. It is only a short distance then to visit picturesque market of Sarlat, Les Eyzies and Cahors.
Beynac Castle in Dordogne
Next it is on to Toulouse to partake in the vibrant life of this major city amidst historic cathedrals, staying on the expansive central plaza with shops and cafes in abundance. We take a day trip to Albi, home to the Toulouse Lautrec Museum in the 13 century brick bishop’s cathedral.

Then Carcassonne, a walled city on the main trade route across the country.

Activity level: moderate; Uneven surfaces when walking though caves, steps to climb when visiting castles.

Hotels will be 4 star, boutique style inns. Some have stairs without elevator access.
Price $5300 double occupancy, single supplement $700.

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Gardens & Trails – the High Sierras of Ecuador

We head back again! Join us on an exploration of the unique environments on and around the equator – we stay in the high sierra mountains – it feels like springtime – all year long! Enjoy touring the rim of Cuicocha lake, the magnificent raptor preserve overlooking Peguche valley, the leather village of Cotacachi. The energetic hikers will want to visit Mojanda lakes. You will stay at the contemporary “healing hotel” of Sachaji with new yoga studio with views of Imbabura volcano and lake of San Pablo! Local craft families will welcome you to their studio and homes. Not to miss is the Saturday Otavalo Market bustling with people and local goods. There is a travel day for 2 nights in the Intag cloud forest at a private refuge to experience birdwatching in this unique part in the world; then it is a change in climate and cultures to the capital city of Quito at 9,300 feet with its top ranked restored colonial old town -a short walk to churches, museums, and World Heritage site landmarks! Your trip wraps up at Hacienda Cusin , a restored 1602 hacienda in San Pablo de Lago, with acres of flower and vegetable gardens, walking paths, and many common rooms – each beautifully decorated with historic artifacts from the region.
The trip is recommended for artists, writers, photographers, yoga practitioners.
Travelers should be in very good health and be able to walk easily on cobblestoned paths.

October 19 – 29, 2017

Land Cost: $2400 per person double occupancy $2900 single.

Yoga with Michael is designed to fit your needs and ability and the timing of the tour.
Call Ramelle or Michael Pulitzer to receive a detailed itinerary.

A deposit of $500 will hold your place on this trip – limited to 12.

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Hiking to Fuya Fuya

Climbed to the base of Fuya Fuya overlooking Mojanda Lake to 13,300 ft, about 3000 ft up. Weather changed every 5 minutes. With Mike Brinkley who gets the award for the most active member of the group this year!

Hiking Fuya-Fuya

Hiking Fuya-Fuya

Hiking Fuya-Fuya

Hiking Fuya-Fuya

Hiking Fuya-Fuya

Hiking Fuya-Fuya


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Hacienda Cusin

Last look back at Hacienda Cusin before travel to Intag Cloud Forest!

Hacienda Cusin

Hacienda Cusin


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El Refugio de Intag

Last day at El Refugio de Intag in the cloud forest – a beautiful morning here! Lots of avian activity.

El Refugio de Intag

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Condor Preserve

Harriett the Harris Hawk at the Condor Preserve above San Pablo del Lago Ecuador.

Condor of Ecuador


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