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In the High Sierra mountains of Ecuador, the temperatures will range from a warm 80 degrees at mid day to about 50 degrees on cool nights.

Rain is more likely in January and February during the “wet season” but will be intermittent as mountain cloud formations change rapidly.

In Peru, Lima is very warm, like Los Angeles right on the Pacific ocean with fog rolling in during the days. Flights usually leave late at night for this reason….

Layered clothing is the best as circumstances will change during the day.

A light back pack or satchel is useful to carry the extra layer, a rain jacket and a water bottle.

Pack light – bring washable travel clothing. Compact travel gear helps when in a group. We will often have help transferring luggage to and from the bus.

Dress is informal.

Good walking shoes or light hiking boots are important on cobblestone paths and some trails.

Laundry service is excellent and inexpensive so this will help to keep amount of luggage to a minimum.

Spanish is the native language in Ecuador. 12 Indian dialects are recognized by the government.  You are likely to hear Quichua in the markets in both Ecuador & the highlands of Peru.

Bring a small portable Spanish/English dictionary.

Menus will have English translations and most people we meet will try to understand what you are asking.

Ecuador is on Eastern Standard time. In the winter months, there is no change between Miaimi, NYC and Quito.

Travel Arrangements
Air: the flight from NYC or Miaimi or Houston is an international and usually very comfortable. Under six hours, it is recommended travelers drink lots of water, move a little during the flight and they will feel very little effect of the journey.

Land: We will have our own bus and driver for all the travels listed in the itinerary.

If you would like to return to a destination, revisit a city, there are taxis available ($5 – $8 depending on the distance) that can be arranged for you.

There are buses for $.25 that can take you from one city to another, if you are looking for an adventurous local experience.


Please stay with the group, or if you have other plans, let the tour director know what you are doing and when you will return. It is best to go in pairs when in any country.

At the hacienda and inn where we stay, all personal items can be stored in your rooms safely while we are on day trips. However, as in all hotels, the management is not responsible for loss of your own items.

When in crowded parts of the city, be very careful to keep your handbag and camera close to you and in front of you as you walk. When taking pictures, be sure another person is nearby, as this is the time when you “blind” yourself to others.

Make copies of your passport! leave one at home with a friend, bring an extra for another friend to carry, and be sure to REMEMBER YOUR PASSPORT!!

Ecuador uses the US dollar. There are ATM machines in Quito and in the market place of Otavalo.

The hacienda can accept American checks for payment of personal expenses. However, the banks are very particular. The names and numbers may not have any corrections or errors. Signatures must exactly match your identification signature (a challenge for left handers!)

Peru uses the sucre. It is possible to plan ahead with your local bank to order currency. There are money exchange offices in airports that offer currency on a debit card.

Let your banker know you will be traveling so they are aware of why there will be charges coming from a South American country.

All travelers are expected to be in excellent health and to carry health insurance. Check with your policy about your coverage when traveling internationally.

Remember to bring any and all medications you take.

Bring your favorite remedies from your own medicine cabinet. Headache and upset stomach – common ailments among travelers are usually short lived and can be remedied with a little rest, local herb teas, and plenty of water.

If you feel poorly on the tour, please inform the tour directors.

The food in Ecuador and Peru us usually grown locally, very well prepared and tasty. It will be carefully prepared with purified water.

However, it is recommended that travelers do NOT eat fresh salads, or open fruits exposed to germs in the marketplaces (peeled ok), and DO NOT DRINK THE WATER, even to brush your teeth.

At Hacienda Cusin and Palmeras Inn, the water is chlorinated throughout the system, so if you make a mistake here, you should be fine anyway!

Airlines to South America:- New View Tours will offer suggestions to travelers for international flights. However, travelers will be responsible to book their own flights. This is a great time to use up Frequent Flyer miles!

  • All national flights within Ecuador or Peru are prearranged and the cost is included.
  • US Passports must not expire within six months of travel to Ecuador.
  • Travelers will be asked to fill out a health form indicating they are aware that we will be traveling to high altitudes, and they are in good health.
  • When traveling to high altitude, it helps to drink plenty of water the day before departure and on the plane.
  • Dress is informal throughout the tour. It is best to pack“light” bringing as little as possible.
  • Spanish classes will be made available to those who request them in advance. A small dictionary will be helpful, however English speaking guides will be on hand throughout the tour.
  • Travelers are encouraged to bring good walking shoes, light rain gear, and sun protection including a hat and sun screen. In the high sierra on the equator, the sun is very strong, although the temperatures remain moderate all year long.
  • A group list will be made available before departure. If feasible, a group meeting will be arranged for questions and information about international travel to South America.
  • Recommended reading: to be listed soon!