Bordeaux – Day 0

We arrive on the overnight flight with a connection they Paris to a beautiful cool day in Bordeaux. A walk to the river, a nap, a dinner at Scipitone Bistro outside our hotel in the car less centre city, and then a walk to the splendid  cathedral encountering monuments and sculpture of all eras along our way.

Dick and Barbara Moore arrive with Michael and I at 11:00 am; JD and Janie are only delayed a half hour checking in at 3:00. Tomorrow Charles Taft and Charlotte Hanes arrive by TGV at 11:09 if all goes well.

Then at 1:30 after a self guided tour to amuse Aquitaine, we start the tour!

Bordeaux, France Bordeaux, France Bordeaux, France Bordeaux, France Bordeaux, FranceBordeaux, France

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